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About CliFlo
CliFlo is the web system that provides access to New Zealand's National Climate Database.
The climate database holds data from about 6500 climate stations which have been operating for various periods since the earliest observations were made in the year 1850. The database continues to receive data from over 600 stations that are currently operating.
CliFlo returns raw data and statistical summaries. Raw data include ten minute, hourly and daily frequencies. Statistical data include about eighty different types of monthly and annual statistics and six types of thirty−year normals. See an example of daily output and an example of statistical output.
Hourly Data Sourced from MetService
The availabliity of hourly data from MetService through CliFlo changed on 01-Jan-2013 due to changes in the way that MetService and NIWA exchange and licence data.
Hourly data sourced from MetService with an observation date after 01-Jan-2013 are not available to the public. Hourly data sourced from MetService with an observation date before 01-Jan-2013 remain available to the public. (Note that MetService climate stations generally include "AWS" or "Aero" in the climate station name.) MetService hourly data remain in the Climate Database. If you want access to these MetService hourly data please email [email protected] to discuss.
CliFlo Data are Free
Climate data accessed through CliFlo are free.
  • Access to this data is through the "Subscribe On-line" link to the left.
  • The subscription is subject to the user agreeing to NIWA's Terms and Conditions.
  • Some restrictions to climate data apply, such as Pacific Island sites.
This policy is designed to promote the widespread use of NIWA's Nationally Significant Climate Database by users of climate data.

CliFlo Subscriptions
To access more than the demo, you must have a subscription to CliFlo. This can be done on-line using the link on the left.
Please ensure you have read and understand NIWA's Terms and Conditions before you subscribe.

Other Information
Note that this site uses popup windows for the login, help, station search and datatype windows. To work correctly, disable any popup window blocking software and enable cookies for this site (see also Problems).
If you are still having login problems, close all browser windows and quit completely from your browser (including all instances of Excel triggered by the "database query form" file download option) and then try again.
Context−sensitive help is available on many topics by clicking on a help link or a help icon /img/questionmark.gif
All CliFlo activity is logged and is used for administration purposes in accordance with NIWA's Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.
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